Morals or Money?

5302862115_8533bbb775Here’s a question. What would you do when faced with a moral dilemma at work? One that determines whether you will stay or leave?

Let’s face it, you need the salary (we all need the salary). After all, you have a family, a mortgage and all the regular bills and expectations of a ‘normal’ life. However, the company in which you work has some element with which you are uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a behind the scenes lack of real care for the clients, maybe there is an underlying drug habit amongst a few of your peers or department heads or perhaps nepotism is rife and you’re just not one of ‘the gang’.

Just what do you do?

After some deliberation, I see four possible options:

  1. Keep your head down and turn a blind eye,
  2. confront the situation and risk being ostracised,
  3. bide your time and leave when you’ve found a better position,
  4. stand by your morals and leave pretty much immediately.

Decisions decisions!

Personally, I would lean towards the fourth option, with a possible dusting of ‘three’. But taking the ‘high road’ doesn’t exactly cover the repayments on the car, does it?

What would you do?

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About Grumpy Writer

David was born before there were such things as televisions, electricity or the written word. He attended an all-girl comprehensive school (until he failed the medical) and was once the richest person in the known universe. David currently lives on a small asparagus plantation in Fiji with his two cats and an invisible ostrich called Gerald. Gerald is particularly partial to asparagus, therefore, David is still to realise his second fortune… Well, the bit about the cats is true! In truth, David used to be a professional illusionist – yes, floating rabbits and pulling women out of a hat – or something like that. When that career vanished, he moved into publishing for a few years before donning a tie and entering the corporate world, still performing, as the trainer for one of the world’s largest Internet gaming companies. Throughout the years he has always written. Apart from the boring stuff that makes him money – copywriting and editing for different agencies and clients – David has a number of unpublished children’s novels under his belt and a plethora of unfinished novels across various genres that range from a brief outline about cyber-crime to a hilarious internet rom-com that he abandoned after about 35,000 words. Whilst always wanting to write ‘that big novel’, he admits that what he does best (apart from making excellent spicy cheese meatballs) is children’s comedy and nonsense poetry. Nowadays, it’s this that he’s focusing most of his spare time on. One reader once described his writing as “Dr Seuss meets Lewis Carroll, with a touch of Roald Dahl”. So, be prepared for “Charlie and the Cheshire Cat in a Hat“.

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  1. I’m a bit of a coward and I’d probably do 1, whilst doing 3…


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